Teachers and Staff

         Mr. James Zhao was a guest-professor at Beijing College of Dance of China, an expert in Chinese folk and minority dance, owning a Master degree in Chinese Minority Art of Dancing. In addition, he won first place in Chinese National Dance Competition in 1996. From 15 years of teaching experience, he created a unique teaching style, and taught thousands of outstanding dance students in China, The United States of America, Canada, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippine, and more. Both Beijing College of Dance of China and University of Minorities of China is proud of his exceptional teaching and dancing abilities.

       Mrs. Cindy Zhang is China’s first class performer, well-known dancer. She was Advance Technical Judge, dance director of opening ceremony of “Asian Sports Meet” and “National Sports Meet.” She has an exceptional dance talents and abilities that set her apart form the others. She won two first places in the first National Chinese Minority Solo, Duet, Trio Competition. Her recreational pieces include “Spring”, “Mountain Bird Playing With Water”, “Lotus Girl”, “Magical Earth”, etc, wining her gold awards in international dance competitions. She represented Chinese artist to visit America, France, England, Canada, Japan, Philippine, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea, etc. She is the star in the Chinese dance society, and is given the title as “International artist.

        Herman Charles III is a well-respected Hip Hop teacher, with past tenure at numerous prestigious dance schools around America, even traveling abroad to lecture. Not only does he have tremendous experience in teaching Hip Hop, but he has also choreographed for many performances and judged for various competitions. He is now teaching Hip Hop at the Golden Peacock Dance School.

        Ms. Jessica Pohorilla Cherubini is an outstanding ballet dancer and has represented Houston Ballet for more than a decade. She has served as chief leader of Houston Ballet soloist. As the primary performer in the ballet "Swan Lake", "Sleeping Beauty", "The Nutcracker" and many other well-known art pieces. She is also an experienced ballet teacher, ten years of teaching experience. With her beautiful movements, delicate demonstration, she is honored employee by the famous Golden Peacock Dance School.