Sarah Wen, 2016 Showstopper National Dance Competition, Senior Advanced Level Overall 1st place, Double Platinum Award

2017 StageOne National, Senior Shooting Star Category 1st Place, Overall 2nd Place

Michelle Yang, 2017 Stage One, Teen Shooting Star, Intermediate Level, National Finals, Overall 1st Place

Kelly Fan - Thunderstruck: Overall 1st Place, Teen Shining Star Award

Elizabeth Zhang, 2017 Star Quest National Dance Competition, Overall 1st Place

Ruth Ling - 2016 Platinum 1st Place Contemporary Category 1st Place Overall StarQuest Nationals Classic Level Senior 15-19

2017 Showstopper National, Advanced Level, Overall 2nd Place

Elizabeth Hong - 2016 - National Talent Competition: Nationals Senior 1st Overall, Titanium - 2016 Nationals Musicality Award

2017 Showstopper Nationals, Advanced Level, Overall 6th

Lauren Briones, 2017 Thunderstruck Senior Dance Competition, Overall 1st Place

Lauren Yang, 2017 Stage One Dance Competition, National Finals, Overall 1st Place

Jennifer Li - 2013 Showbiz National - Overall 1st Place, Mrs. Showbiz,  Showbiz Xtreme Scholarship, 2013 - Thunderstruck International  - Overall 1st Place

Dorthy Nie, 2017 Starbound National, Competitive Level, Overall 1st place


Amy Dong - 2015 Nexstar Overall 1st Place

1st Place High Score - Lyrical 1st Place High Score - Folkloric

Nancy Shao, Connie Yu, and Anna Zhou, 2017 StarQuest National Classic Level Dance Competition, High Gold Award

Laura Huo, 2017 StarQuest Nationals, Overall 2nd Place

Emily Yang, 2017 Stage One National, Rising Star, Overall 1st Place

Zein Tao - Stageone 2015 National Finals First Place Overall

Karen Xie - 2016 Thunderstruck Overall First Place, Judges Award, and Scholarship

Suzanna Yu - 2016 - StarQuest Overall 3rd Place

Elizabeth Xu, Alice Wang, Zein Tao - 2016 Showstopper Dance Competition Senior Duet/Trio Advance Level Regional 1st Place, National 2nd Place

Victoria Stuckey 2011 - Showstopper Double Platinum 4th Overall Showbiz National 2011 Senior 1st Place Modern Diamond

Allyson Su- StarQuest World Finals 2016 Platinum Award, Overall 1st Place

Elizabeth Xu 2016 Platinum National Dance Competition

Ages 15-19 Intermediate Solo Overall 1st Place: Top Score of over 200 competitors

2017 Showstopper Nationals, Advanced Level, Category 1st Place, Overall 4th 

Ally Way - Legacy Dance Competitions 2016 - Nationals 16-19 Intermediate Level Senior Solo 2nd Place Overall High Score

Maggie Miao, 2017 Starbound National, Senior Competitive Level, Overall 4th

Emily Yang, Elizabeth Hong, and Suzanna Yu, 2017 StageOne National Dance Competition, Shooting Star, Overall 1st Place