Welcome to Golden Peacock School of Dance!

     Golden Peacock School of Dance was founded by Yanming Zhao and Jiping Zhang, two renowned artists with the highest degrees from the highly recognized schools. The two artists immigrated to United States for their extraordinary talents, and have founded a high quality and top style dance school.

    The classes use an artistic approach with lessons binding knowledge and stage performance. In the process, the school teachers every student on the subject of poise and confidence. From eleven years of trials, the blooming school comprise big progress and success that establish itself in the world. In addition, both Chinese and American Society’s art circle are paying close attention to the ever flourishing school.

    Our sincerity to art and dance shows itself in classrooms and on stage Golden Peacock School of Dance will become an unique dance school in Houston. Simple words can hardly describe the feelings inside our heart, so let us step into the holy ground of dance and the broad stage to feel for ourselves.

6515 Corporate Drive, Suite K, Houston TX 77036 (Chinatown Location)

25031 Westheimer Pkwy, Katy TX 77494 (Katy Location)


713-560-5007: James

713-560-5008: Cindy